Pre-Painted Valley-Dolie / Galvanized - 200/200 mm

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The profile sheet can be produced in three color ranges RAL 3005 / RAL 3011 / RAL 8017

Atlanta Valley is an accessory made of galvanized and painted steel sheet. Valley connects two rope angles (rope fractures in the form of internal angles) to take rainfall between the angles (water) and to make a less visible passage between the angles of the metal tile layout. 

Atlanta Valley is made of steel sheet (0.35-0.5 mm thick), galvanized on both sides and protected by polyester (25 microns).

Roofing accessories

The additional elements are the most important details when installing the roof. Together, these elements protect the under-roof space from moisture and various kinds of pollution (dust, small street debris) and enhance the integrity of the roof.

Also an important function is to provide a finished roof. The company “ATLANTA INDUSTRIAL" produces all the necessary accessories for installation, made of metal with the same polymer coating as the profiled sheet.

Also, according to your special order, we will produce any additional elements of individual design.

Anti-corrosive decorative coatings

The composition of the polymer layer and its thickness determine the operational properties and appearance of the metal, its ability to preserve the original appearance and structural integrity of the roof as a whole.

Requires careful handling during transport and installation.

Advantages of Profiled metal sheets:

Profiled Sheeting has several advantages that distinguish it from the background of other materials:

•  For the installation of a profile sheet, it does not require the use of special equipment;
•  Profiled sheeting is less susceptible to corrosion and is resistant to temperature changes, so you can consider this material to be reliable;
•  Besides the use of non-colored metal sheets, due to the use of polymer coatings, the profile sheet can be produced in three color ranges RAL 3005 / RAL 3011 / RAL 8017;
•  Environmental Safety;

•  Possibility of mounting at low temperatures;
            •  Uncomplicated care and low price make the profile high in demand as a roofing material in both private and commercial construction.

Features of installation of roofing sheeting:

It is successfully used in private and industrial construction. Profiled sheeting, in addition to high performance features, has a beautiful appearance, and the ability to order a sheet of right size greatly facilitates its installation. The only thing is to observe the correct slope of the roof from the profiled sheet.

Installation of a profiled sheet on the roof of a residential building is recommended to produce a slope of at least 12 degrees, and for industrial facilities, this slope is equal to 8 degrees. In addition, even 8 degrees is considered a certain convention, since the profiled sheet is also suitable for flat roofing. It is important to know that if the angle of the slope of the roofing structure decreases, it is necessary to increase the clearance for ventilation and also to fill the joints of the sheets with a special sealant .

For fixing the corrugated board, use self-tapping screws with a sealing nozzle.

For cutting sheets, use scissors for metal, and hacksaw with small teeth, electric shearing scissors or electric jigsaw. Cuts profiled with an abrasive wheel is strictly forbidden, because at the cutting site there will be a complete burnout of not only the polymer coating, but also zinc, which will lead to premature corrosion of the metal. After mounting the corrugated board, it is necessary to remove the metal shavings from the sheets using conventional detergents that do not contain organic solvents.

In addition to the roof using profiled sheeting, fences and other building structures are installed. It is also possible to use roofing profiled sheeting and as a facing material for facades.

Atlanta GI Profiled Sheet / Galvanized

Our company has gained expertise in the production and supply of GI Profiled Sheet which have premium quality and long life. Fabricated by skilled experts employing modern techniques, these sheets have a huge demand within the market. In addition to this, they are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and attractive colors. These sheets are coated with anti-wear material which protects them from corrosion and wear and tear .

Product Description

These Galvanized / Zinc Coated Steel Sheets have been extensively used by the construction industry all over the World for almost two centuries.

Atlanta No-Colored Galvanized Sheet


• Individual and low-rise construction (cottages, small shops, etc.);
• Roofs of large areas in civil and industrial construction;
• Reconstruction of the old roof;
• Manufacturing of canopies, awnings;

• Manufacturing of false ceilings on industrial objects;
Specificatii tehnice - General
Culoare The profile sheet can be produced in three color ranges RAL 3005 / RAL 3011 / RAL 8017
Latime (mm) 200/20+200/20 mm
Lungime (mm) 2000mm
Material Galvanized (Zinc) Steel
Producator Atlanta Industrial
Grosime (mm) 0.35-0.5mm
Specificatii tehnice - Tabla
Tip tabla Pre-Painted Zinc Metal - VALLEY-DOLIE

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