135 Corner Bracket 70/70 – Perforated Connector/Joint

Product Code: 135-Connector-ATL1.3

The joint is made of   galvanized steel sheet   and has the dimensions  70+70 x 54 x 2 mm .

Name: 135 Graded Angle Bracket / Perforated Connector / Galvanized (Zinc) Metal

Atlanta 135 Graded Angle Bracket Perforated Connector: The joints used for connecting two perpendicular joists.

This connector with a purpose of connecting timber elements with 135° angle, making of angle braces, angle ties and diagonal reinforcements of framework elements.

Mounting angles 135 degrees. Used in furniture production and in the construction of decorative structures made of wood;

The presence of a large number of holes for a nail with a diameter of 5 mm makes it makes possible to easily and quickly fix the beam in a given place/position;

Holes with a diameter of 11 mm are designed for fixing with anchors to surfaces of concrete, natural stone or full-bricks;

Made of high-quality sheet steel;

Zinc coating provides a long service life of products and protect metal from corrosion. 

Specificatii tehnice - General
Dimensiune (L x l x h) 70+70mm x 64mm x 2mm
Material Galvanized (Zinc) Steel Waterproof, Corrosion Resistant, Fireproof, Durable Coating
Producator Atlanta Industrial
Grosime (mm) 2mm

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